Your Mom, 1982

I've never thought of myself as a fashion maven. My wardrobe is very cobbled together, an eclectic and even eccentric mix of vintage and vintage inspired pieces thrown together with clearance items from Target.

But I have a lot of fun with clothes. I dress completely for my own pleasure, and over the years I have found that my wardrobe makes other people happy too. People are frequently showing me clothes they think I'll like, or picking up fun pieces for me at the thrift store. I get compliments. I don't do it to get attention, but that's what happens.

Many people have expressed to me that they'd love me to start a fashion blog, so I have decided it would be fun to chronicle some of my favorite outfits. Again, this is for my own pleasure, but some of you out there might get a kick out of here goes.

I love the 80s.

My love for the 80s run the gamut from Annie Potts at the beginning of Pretty in Pink

to Annie Potts at the end of Pretty in Pink.

I started dressing 80s in the mid 90s. I was ahead of my time. 

I was an early adopter of the secretary dress (how I wish I still had some of my examples from 10+ years ago!) and sweaters heavily embellished in leather, beadwork, and geometric shapes.

And then there is the look I call "Your Mom. '82." Started this summer with a calf-length white skirt, blue popcorn sweater, red elastic belt,  a big floppy hat and tons of plastic jewelry, "Your Mom '82" is what Linda Belcher would wear on a cruise. "It's fun, I love it!" I'm over 35 and I am perfectly ok dressing like it. 

 A couple of years ago I purchased the 80s sweater dress to end all 80s sweater dresses when my friend Angie's brick and mortar version of her online store Capricorn Vintage closed down.  I think I paid a grand total of $6. I was amazed that no one else was digging this dress! It had everything! Pastel stripes! Turtle Neck! Dolman sleeves! You could almost smell the Aqua Net and Love's Baby Soft. 

There was a lot going on with this dress. The color palate of grey with bright pastel stripes was a little bit difficult to match, and I wasn't sure the world was even ready for it. But the other day I found it in the back of my closet, and I decided to make sure it got worn this winter. I bought a pair of shoes, and found the perfect accessories, and chose a day to wear it where I'd be out and about, first repping for  Love it Evv and later at a friend's birthday party. 

As you can see, I was pretty pleased with the results. 


First accessory choice for me were these fantastic earrings. The most beautiful pinky-peachy shade and HUGE. 60s meets 80s. I've had these earrings for about 10 years, and they are still some of the best 80s earrings I own. They were a gift from my friend Kristen of Robot Parade Vintage, who has long supplied me with incredible vintage jewelry. She understands my tastes implicitly. 


I found this fun chunky necklace in bubble gum pink just the other day at Goodwill. Jack. Pot.


I really wanted one of those snake chain belts ubiquitous to my aunts' wardrobes in the early to mid 80s, the ones with the oval buckles? But I couldn't find one. So this baby blue jelly belt from Kohls subbed nicely.


I bought this purse from AVON's MARK line 10 years ago. One of my greatest purchases. It's pink, it's leather, it's got a giant bow. It doesn't get nearly enough action from me. I need to remedy this.


Shoes were a difficult part. They really needed to capture the 80s aesthetic. And I didn't want to find something that matched too well, because I wanted to wear them with other outfits. I figured I'd find a grey shoe, but these nude patent leather flats fit the bill. And they were on clearance at Target for $7! 


I ran into my friend Elizabeth at the Collectors Carnival Antique Show and she was kind enough to snap this photo. I had gotten a lot of great response from this outfit, which I really felt was a risky choice! And yes, before you ask, I am the last woman in the US who wears "nude" pantyhose. I felt it was an important sartorial element.  


And I stayed in a good mood throughout the day. Of course, some of it was just being with awesome friends, but I have to attribute much of it to the fierce outfit. 


This is the label in the dress. Need I say more?