WALL-E Fan Fiction

Ever since Jarvis saw the trailer for the new Pixar film WALL-E he has been completely entranced. He has worked on perfecting his quavery robot voice, and loves to pretend to be "A curious and lonely robot." I scolded him for "walking" up to communion at church on his knees and he informed me that WALL-E has wheels, not legs. Whenever anyone asks him to do something with him this summer, such as visit my grandparents at their lakeside cottage he says "I can't...I'll be seeing WALL-E." I've tried to explain to him that we'll only see it once in the theaters and that will leave PLENTY of time to do other summertime activities, to no avail. Today he wanted to write a WALL-E book. He dictated, and I typed. We worked out a few plot points, but for the most part it's exactly as it was told to me. He told me there will be no pictures, because, like Harry Potter, WALL-E is a BIG book. I suggested he draw some illustrations for the chapter pages, because he can draw an excellent WALL-E likeness.

So, here are two WALL-E fan fiction stories, and one teaser. Hopefully there will more to come.

WALL-E was on the garbage planet with his girlfriend Eve. Suddenly a big ship came down. The little white robot and WALL-E went into it. There was all kinds of stuff in it. There were no robots in the ship. She thought it was an alarm so she just had to just check around all in the ship. Suddenly another ship came down and there were two ships, then more and more and more ships. And then all villains came out of these ships. Then there was something else. It was Eve but she was caught. And WALL-E had nothing to do because he was little.

Chapter 2 WALL-E saves Eve When WALL-E saw that Eve was captured what should he have done? WALL-E went after the villains in the first ship and the first ship had Eve in it and WALL-E had somewhere behind so he went behind the boxes so he’d have somewhere to hide so the bad guys wouldn’t know that WALL-E followed them into the ship.

So, WALL-E went behind the boxes. What he found there was a clue. And an unbelievable thing- nothing there! There was something else there. Wall-E kept looking for someplace in the ship to eat.

Chapter 3 WALL-E believes the ship

Wall-E believes the ship is haunted. Wall had the unknowsent to get the ship off until he got his girlfriend Eve. And WALL-E just raced and raced to Eve. At last Eve was saved. WALL-E fighted the villains. And the next morning it was a beautiful day outside and WAll-E and his girlfriend lived happily ever after. The End.

Wall-E and the Velveteen Prince

Chapter 1

The Nice Christmas Day

It was snowy outside and so Wall-E and Eve went out to play in the snow. They made snowballs and then when it was springtime everything got to be good. When it was summer Wall-E played outside with Eve also. Then Wall-E decided to go for a wheel walk today. Eve said “Where are we going today Wall-E?” and Wall-E said “to the park.” Then on the way to the park they went the wrong way. But on the way to the park they got lost. So they went to a house that was a castle. There was a queen. A very, very mad queen. So Wall-E and his girlfriend asked directions to the park. The queen said “If you tell me that I will destroy you guys.” So Wall-E and Eve wheeled away as fast as they can. But the queens workers came and catched them.

Chapter 2

Put them in the Boiling Water

So, as they catched, well, there seemed to be one little thing. Now these two metal robots go into the boiling water. They didn’t burn up because they were metal.

Chapter 3

Fight with the Velveteen Prince

As Wall-E did it good, good things began to go wrong. As we were saying with this story, Wall-E did anything. And so to a very nice Colactos and then the queen had a very large cat that could eat up Wall-E. The cat was named Velveteen Prince and he had a very large teeth and he scratched with his teeth and no part of Wall E came off because he was metal. Wall-E fighted the cat and fighted the queen and fighted the queens workers and Wall-E and his girlfriend lived happily ever after. The End.

Wall-E and the Soldiers

Chapter 1

Science of Science

Wall-E and Eve were at a lab. So at the lab they saw someone that was a soldier. They looked all over the lab and all over the lab there were just soldiers. And also Wall-E went to the solider building and all the soldiers shooted Wall-E and said “Get him, Get him, Get him” but no part of Wall-E got dead because he was metal. The soldier said “What’s wrong...the shooting won’t help! I don’t believe it and he’s not even being dead!” So Wall-E turned into a garbage box so he can be much better. Then Wall-E said “I guess I should run away with my wheels!”

Chapter 2

Wall-E Lost