Beauty and the Beast



Last night my husband treated me with tickets to the Broadway Touring Company production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast for our anniversary. Someone jokingly remarked "Is that an homage to your relationship?" I laughed. Earlier my husband had trimmed his Grizzly Addams beard so "the analogy wouldn't be TOO strong."

Beauty and the Beast tales have always been my favorite fairy tale, along with any story that follows the basic plot line. The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame...I have shed many tears for those disenfranchised in love & life. I always envisioned myself to be the beauty in this scenario, looking past the repulsive to see the shining star within.

But when I met my husband, I had trouble seeing his incredible forest green eyes framed by long eyelashes, because they were covered with some unfashionable glasses.  His quiet manner was hiding the true snap, crackle and pop beneath. And his jeans. Good lord. Those jeans. I am a hypocrite.

Yes, Beauty and the Beast is an homage to our relationship. But my darling husband, I am the Beast. Your love has transformed me, and continues to, every day. You look at me, someone selfish, greedy, and lazy, and you love me. And everyday, I become less like my sorry self, and more the way that you and God see me. I am grateful every day that you gave me a second chance, even when people told you I was mean, and a bad risk, and that you were ruining your life by coming to be with me. God only knows what I'd be without you, my beauty.