So, my 7 year old son is a mad scientist. In the last few weeks he has done the following.

1. He has dismantled a VERY nice Radio Flyer brand toy rocket that I was saving for the baby, in order to make a drill to the center of the earth, where he plans to spend the next three years except for meals and holidays. This drill would double as a time machine so he could go back in time and get a baby dinosaur for a pet. I really hope it's the kind that never grows larger than a chicken. And I really hope it doesn't have feathers, because that might give me nightmares.

2. Filled a "science bottle" (actually one of those round Coke bottles they sell during Christmas. I was saving it to make a homemade snowglobe.) with feta cheese, lemon juice, and spit. Just to see what might happen.

3. Taken apart Spiderman "Laptop" that I purchased at Goodwill for $3.  I can't remember why. I do know that he tried to sell the circuit board out in front of our house for thirty dollars, along with some blue glass and a Wall-E puzzle. My son is not just a scientist and a film maker, but also an entrepreneur.

My son the Mad Scientist likes to emphasize the Mad part. Crazy or angry, take your pick. He has them both down to, well, a science. And he was crazy-mad the night I attempted to get him to try some field peas at dinner. Now, I'm not stupid. I had no delusions that he might actually enjoy field peas. It's just the rule in our house that you have to take three bites of a new food. End of discussion.

Except he KNEW he didn't like them. By looking. And that's when I told him that scientists need empirical data to draw a conclusion that frequently calls upon the use of the five senses. That his findings would have to be judged by a jury of his peers and unless he employed the Scientific Method to authenticate his hypotheses he would be stripped of his credentials.

He ate his beans.