Top Ten Reasons I'm Not Cranky

Birthday Ladies Look at that women in the red shirt. Does she look cranky to you? Of course not. She's surrounded by her family and two GIANT chocolate marshmallow pies. Just looking at this photo makes me feel as squishy as a marshmallow. Partly because that pretty well describes my physique, but the other part is just pure love. So, in honor of that Stay-Puft Feeling, I present the top 10 reasons why I am NOT cranky.

1. Marshmallow Pie, or, The Son Who Loved Me

My six year old, Linus, is a genuinely thoughtful child. He thinks every day should be Mother's Day, he is endlessly encouraging, always wants to cuddle, and terrifyingly remorseful when he perceives he has been wrong.


He also looks smashing in these plastic spectacles that he insists on wearing.

My sweet boy, who wants to open a restaurant one day, got it in his head that he had to make his mamma a marshmallow pie for her birthday. I don't know where he got that idea, but he was insistent. I remembered a clip-n-keep Taste of Home recipe card that combined elements of my favorite pie with marshmallows and thought that might be the perfect thing. At first he protested...he wanted the recipe to be his absolute own invention, but we finally convinced him that it would be best for a beginning cook to start with a tried and true recipe and add his own tweaks. My mother took him shopping and "helped" him fix the special pies, which were resplendent with giant marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles!

Cake Time

The pies were enjoyed by all.

2. I get by with a little help from my friends

Today my friend Kara, writer, mother of four, homeschooler and all-around hilarious, supportive human being came over with her brood to feast on leftover marshmallow pie.

"Come over," I said. "I'll clean." "Don't clean up," she said (which is why I love her.) "YOU AREN'T THE BOSS OF ME!" I said (which is why she loves me.) My husband cleaned a lot, I cleaned a little, and we ate chocolate pie in my imperfectly clean home. I was feeling edgy, which is what happens when I get productive, and she just understood, and we had a perfectly lovely conversation about all the things we care about. Family, friends, babies, writing, food. It's impossible to stay cranky when you have such good friends.

No conversation about friends could ever be complete without talking about Rachael.

Rachael is my best friend, and by her estimation we have saved each other thousands and thousands of dollars in therapy just by our near daily telephone conversations. She has stuck by me through every horrible and wonderful incarnation of my life since the age of 14. She's a balm on my soul. Mother of three, doula, homeschooler...this lady defines love to me.

3. Babies

I just found out my friend Jesika had a baby girl today! Wow! YES! AWESOME! Nobody can stay cranky when something like that happens!!!

Also, we ate some awesome Chicken Piccata Pasta and basically had a great time together. Also, take it from me... The Pampered Chef Garlic Press will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. (Ps, my show doesn't close till the end of the week...still time to place an order :-) )

6. No Responsibility!

I didn't get elected to the church board this year. This last year was my first year serving, and I feel like I was used to good purpose, especially in bringing our new pastor to our church. I'm glad to have served in that capacity, and I'm also glad I get a break. I have other fish to fry right now.

7. I don't have a dog. Or a pygmy hippo. The only poop I have to clean up comes from my own personal offspring that I am genetically pre-disposed to care for.

Photo Bomb

Can a dog do THIS?

8. My husband

Today the part of Hugh McKinney will be played by James Frain.

My husband washes dishes. A lot. He's cute and smart and funny and a good father. And he's MINE. MINE I TELL YOU!

9.  I don't live in Joplin, Missouri. But I can help those who do. Thank God for the roof over our heads, the clothes on our back, the food on our table, and all the excess I have that I can give away. Anyone heading up a trip to Joplin? I have things that might bless someone else. Next time, it could be me. Praying for all those affected by this disaster. Oh man, I'm trying not to be cranky here...but cranky isn't the word. I can feel grateful and extremely sobered and sad at the same time, right? Crankiness is so surface...and I am trying to move past that. With all I have, I have no business being a cranky mess.

10. You!


Every time I write something people I know and people I don't know comment on it, and it's usually overwhelmingly positive. You all give me hope when I feel hopeless, something to shoot for when I can't see the target in the darkness. A writer needs his audience, and every single person who reads my blog, who comments on it, who shares it with others, fills a hole inside me. Thank you.

This is the followup to Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Cranky.