S'more Bar HACK!

  So welcome to My Dirty Kitchen! This is my first foray as a FOOD BLOGGER! Don't worry, I am not going to post about my crockpot yogurt FAIL.

No, I'm going to talk about these S'more bars that I made for my Girls Night Out with Kara, Kim, Theresa, Shanna, &  Heather!


I find myself making the same things over and over because I usually only have a few stock ingredients around, and I always forget to buy new stuff when I go to the store. Thus, I have had these S'more bars taunting me in the my bookmarks folder for a while. Since I had a reason to make them, that spurred me along in actually putting the ingredients on the list.

Aside from purchasing butter, which is something I ALWAYS have in my house, I planned to pick up some graham crackers, king size chocolate bars, and marshmallow creme. All the other ingredients were in my cabinet.

But, as as single income family with four children, I have to be extra cautious about where my food dollars go. These bars were starting to look pretty expensive.

I look up a recipe for homemade marshmallow creme, and decided that it was too complicated. But after pricing jars of it at Wal-Mart I realized it was still waaay cheaper to make my own with ingredients I already had on hand.

I then remembered that I also had three GIANT chocolate bunnies leftover from Easter.

My mom had bought them from a World's Finest Chocolate fundraiser and decided not to give them to my kids because my grandma had already given them some. They sat in her cabinets, and then she passed them on to me where they remained hidden in the top of my pantry. They would sub nicely for the King Size Hershey's.

In case you can't tell, I rarely follow a recipe to the T. I'm forever subbing and tweaking because if I didn't, no one would eat because I swear I never have 100% of any ingredients at any time. It's a good thing I go with the flow, because when I got home I realized I really didn't have quite enough confectioners sugar for the marshmallow creme. I was about1/3 of a cup shy. But I also realized that with the graham crackers and the chocolate it probably didn't need to be extra sweet. I decided to just use what I had.

I also decided to use a mix of whole wheat and white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. I felt that the nutty flavor would nicely complement the graham crackers.

I'm not going to take you step by step through the whole thing, because you can see that for yourself here.

But here is what it looked like when I broke up the Chocolate Bunnies and laid them on the graham cracker dough.

I decided to fill in the gaps with some semi-sweet chocolate chips. So it kind of ended up looking like mutilated rabbits surrounded by droppings.

Thankfully it would all soon be covered by wonderful homemade fluffy white marshmallow creme that I made with almost NO effort thanks to my KitchenAid Mixer.


It was seriously incredibly easy. I just added the first few ingredients, turned it on, walked away for 10 minutes, came back, added the sugar, boom, marshmallow CREAM! And it was GOOOOOD.

And here is the finished product, after my family has been noshing on it for a day or two.


So basically, I would give these S'more Bars a fat thumbs up. In fact, if you want to slice yourself a piece or two, and warm it up for 15 seconds in the microwave or so, and drink it with an ice cold milk, I can give that a hearty recommendation as well.