The Latest is the Greatest!

That's a picture of me six years ago, when I was sixteen days overdue with my second child, Linus. I had gone nine days overdue with Jarvis and I thought there was NO WAY the second child could be later. Right? By the time I was a week overdue my arms were so empty that I got myself all worked up and started sobbing hysterically. Then I vomited. Then I forgot vomit protocol and stood in front of my husband, my hands dripping, with a confused look on my face. He directed me to the bathroom, told me to wash my hands and face and get a drink, and he cleaned up the floor. "Aww honey, you just wouldn't be pregnant if I wasn't cleaning up your vomit." He's a great husband.

Now my friend Mandy is 16 days overdue. Coincidentally, my mother-in-law (who is a SAINT) went a MONTH overdue with my husband, and Mandy's mother in law did the same with HER husband. Since it's baby who decides when it's done cooking and sends the hormone surges that start labor, I think we can blame our husband's sides of the family for this. It's not that my body keeps babies in for a long time, it's that HUGH'S babies won't come out! Yeah, that's the ticket!

I'm encouraged that there are other mother's out there who aren't bowing to trend of induction, especially early induction. Did you know some hospitals are inducing as early as 37 weeks? And that some are backing off that trend now because they are seeing very serious developmental issues in the babies, as well as an increase in cesarean sections? 40 weeks is an estimate. Some babies go earlier, some later. Unless there is an actual problem with the baby there is simply no reason to try and force a baby out before his or her time!

I'm convinced that time Linus spent in my womb was just right. That his birthday was the right one. If I needed any extra evidence that cooking a little longer was great for him, he walked at 10 months of age, and spoke in perfect sentences at 18 months. He's been an absolute joy his entire time on this earth, and I'm glad that we didn't try to hurry him along.

I haven't heard anything from Mandy in a long time, so I am hoping that today is her today. Because even when you know what you are doing is right, and your practitioner is on your side, those last few weeks of pregnancy are SO HARD. It's hard enough going "on time!" But the physical pain and emotional stress of going late are really hard on a mamma!

Even so, it's temporary. While I was  going through it, my pregnancy with Linus was miserable (though, in retrospect, in many ways it was my best pregnancy.) Pregnancy is a temporary condition that leads to a permanent blessing. All the aggravation melts away when you see your child. So hang in there, my late ladies with their slow-bloomin' babies! Your time will come!

And you might get rewarded with one of these. They come highly recommended!