Kate!...people say when they see me. Your hair is tres fabulous! However did you manage it? How many hours did you work with the flat iron and pomades and elixers made of Unicorn Tears to achieve hair that is so envy-inducing?

Dahlings, it's simple. The secret ingredient is...antiperspirant. It wicks all the natural moisture from your hair creating the perfect amount of fly-aways and frizz so you too can be the benign architect of such a hair achievement.

BRILLIANT! They say. You sprayed it in your hair instead of hairspray!

On purpose?

Number was not a spray. And number two, no , I stumbled upon this completely by accident.

See, I was taking a shower today, and all I had left was some shampoo/conditioner combo for "normal" hair. I don't know why I bought it, exactly, because nothing about me can be classified as normal. It really doesn't work for me at all and so I've been mixing some baking soda into my shampoo. It seems to boost it's cleaning abilities a bit and so my hair actually feels sort of clean and looks ok when I get out instead of looking like a greasy toupee. But today I forgot to bring my baking soda into the bathroom. I thought I'd forgo it just this once. Then I looked on the floor of the tub and BEHOLD! A chunk of baking soda that had fallen out of my hands during a previous shampooing. Perfect.

I scooped it up. Hmm. It's really wet but still solid for a clump of soda. And it wasn't mixing well into my shampoo. But I didn't realize what was going on until I noticed that wow, this really wasn't rinsing all that well. In fact, my hair felt dirtier and stickier than before.

Then it hit me. Antiperspirant. In my hair. When my deodorant stick had crumbled some of it must have fallen in here. I confess, I momentarily panicked. Until I saw the results. Now I'm sold. Pretty soon the hair industry is going to start repacking Suave Powder Fresh Invisible Solid as Ultra Sexy Hair Stick, for the look that says "Wha?"

You can thank me later.