To the Original MammaCake!


Happy Mothers Day...

To the woman who birthed me without drugs and when I would ask, "Didn't you SCREAM?" would shrug and say "No, not really. It wasn't that bad." She gave me the courage to do the same. I did scream, but she made me BRAVE.

To the woman who nursed me for a year, and nursed my brothers. I, in turn, nursed first my baby dolls and then my own four children. She made it feel normal, and natural. Which it is.

To the woman who fixed me caramel apples, which really impressed her father. I haven't forgotten either.

To the woman who let me eat my chili by making it into cracker sandwiches, and allowed me to open each individual green bean pod and eat the beans, then the pod, and didn't tell me not to play with my food.

To the woman who sewed all my clothes and Halloween costumes. I loved them (most of them.)

To the originator of the rhyme "You be the bug, and I'll be the rug...and we'll be snug as a bug in a rug."

To the woman who laid down with me every afternoon while we listened to the Mary Poppins Soundtrack, and Beethoven's 6th Symphony.

To the woman who dressed her kids up as characters from Amadeus for Halloween, and truly believed people would recognize us.

To the woman who made the very hard choice to return to work, and carved out a place for herself, and went back to school for a master's degree. I didn't always appreciate your sacrifice, but I do now.

To the woman who sent my brother to Virginia with a cardboard cutout of herself (it's not what you think!)

To the woman who stayed with me every time I gave birth, holding my hand, and occasionally making silly comments. And always made a beautiful blanket.

To the woman who makes perfect guacamole, a wonderful cheesecake, and spaghetti that tastes like home.

To the woman who told me that Helen Keller was blind and deaf and she could crochet, so I could too.

To the women who always said all she wanted for Mother's Day, or her birthday, or Christmas, was "A Clean House and Obedient Children."

To the woman who told me it didn't matter what she wanted, all that matters is what God wanted.

To the woman who never gave up on her crazy, difficult, emotional daughter.

Thank you.

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