It's What's For Dinner

'Colonel's got You Covered' photo (c) 2010, haven't the slightest - license:

Hugh: What do you want for dinner?

Kate: I want you to be happy. I want your head to stop hurting, I want your ankle to get better, and I want you to not have to work all day on Saturday.

Hugh (mouthing)  What about fried chicken?

Kate: SURE! Ok kids, dad is going to get supper. Let's clean up.

Kids: Is it pizza?

Kate: No.

Kids: Hardee's.

Kate: NO. I already told you no on Hardee's.

Kids: Long John Silvers. Chinese Food.

Kate: Well, it was supposed to be a surprise but...we are having air. And water.

Kids: MOM!

Kate: I'm SERIOUS. It's this new cleanse thing. You breathe in and out for thirty minutes. Every ten breathes, you drink a sip of water.

Kids: Is that TRUE?

Kate: Of course it's true. It's your HEALTH I'm thinking of. Don't laugh. It's expensive. It's all ionized, and 100% natural.

Kids: It's pizza.

Kate: It's NOT PIZZA. People.

Kids: Mom, what is it?

Kate: If you guess, I'll tell you. But it's not pizza.

Kids: Red Lobster. Crazy Buffet.

Kate: I said he was bringing it HOME.

Kids: KFC.

Kate: Or some reasonable facsimile.